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Discover my two autobiographical books, which recount my stories with scoliosis, other challenges of youth, travels, relationships, and overcoming.

Cover - The Girl with the Crooked Spine, by Julia Barroso
Cover - The Woman with the Crooked Spine, by Julia Barroso

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Partner sites of The Girl with the Crooked Spine

Brazil Scoliosis (Escoliose Brasil)

Network of clinics for non-surgical scoliosis treatment, with a presence in various locations in Brazil. The website also features articles published by the clinic's team of experts.

Psychology for scoliosis

This is a website created and maintained by Elisabetta D'Agata, a Doctor of Psychology specializing in scoliosis patients and a body therapist. It is intended for professionals and patients with idiopathic scoliosis.


It is composed of a group of individuals from various regions of Brazil who have come together to promote education and awareness about scoliosis. Their objectives include disseminating scientifically based information, organizing community actions, enhancing technical and scientific knowledge in scoliosis treatment, and facilitating communication among professionals, patients, and their families in the country.

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